Corporation has implemented different schemes under CAPEX successfully and with the help Corporation has reactivated production in almost all defunct units like Bandipore, Kanihama, Budgam,  Inder/Pulwama, Samba, Chenani-Udhumpur, and Basholi . The activity of the Projects is as under:-

S.No Name of Project Activity
1 W&WDDC Solina Ram Bagh Srinagar Phase I&II Scouring of wool, dyeing, finishing, pern winding etc


IHDP Bandipora

Manufacturing of woollen Shawls, Dussa, Stole etc.


Kani Shawl project  Kanihama, Budgam

Weaving of famous Kani Shawls.


IHDP Inder/Pulwama

Weaving of Blankets and Tweed etc.


EOHDP Samba & Processing House Samba

Weaving of Linen cloth, fine cotton cloth with dying/finishing & printing facility. Textile testing laboratory for the testing of textile items.


IHDP Udhampur-Chenani

Weaving of Dasooti Cloth, Blankets &Woollen Cloth


Pashmina Weaving Project Basholi.

Weaving/Finishing of 100% Pure Pashmina Hand spun/Hand-woven  Shawls



The Corporation has improved production/manufacturing of tweed, line quality tweed, Pashmina shawls, Kani shawls, Basholi shawls, linen,silk,fine cotton, cotton Raffal shawls ,Pehrans.

Targets and Achievements


Name of the Activity












Woollen/Cotton fabric


In lac Mtrs.

In Numbers









Rs. In Crs.





In direct employment to weavers, artisans, stitchers and job workers

In Numbers




It is pertinent to mention here that prior to COVID-19 Corporation was carrying out the production activities both in centralized and decentralized sector smoothly to benefit the weavers/societies engaged with the Corporation, thus playing a successful role under the ambit of MOU and Articles of Association in promoting the Handloom Industry in the UT of J&K. The Corporation with its strenuous efforts again revived the production activities but the Corporation’s main resource of supplies to Govt. Departments covering sales turnover of 25Crs to 30 Crs. annually suffered a lot as the departments shifted to the Gem Portal/e-tendering for procurement of textile items.

The matter is continuously being taken up with the administrative department for restoration of mandate with J&K Handloom Development Corporation for supplying Handloom and all type of Textile items to Govt. Departments/PSUs/Board and other Autonomous Bodies for the survival of weavers/societies/SSi units and employees of JKHDC.


  • Manufacturing of fine quality tweed, AC Comforts, Digital Bed Sheets as per the demand of the market.

  • Improvement in the stitching of made ups like gents/ ladies coats, jackets.

  • Introduction of latest designed  ladies and gents coats.

  • Identification of new weavers in cluster form in the decentralized areas of the State.

  • Increase of sales turn over by way of approaching various private hospitals and institutions apart from J&K UT and Central Govt. agencies,, adopting e-platform,  participating in e-tendering , linking with Flipkart, GeM and other sales boosting sites.

  •  Organizing  winter sales and  melas in different towns of J&K UT like Vijay pur, Rajouri, Udhampur, Katra, Srinagar and other tourist and public places of jammu and Kashmir

  • Participating in Exhibitions/sales outside the UT in Delhi, Jaipur, Masoori, Chandigarh, kullu-Manali and Punjab.

  • Approaching various export agencies, whole sellers for export of woolen, cotton and linen fabric manufactured by the Corporation.

  • Improving the production capacity and quality at Samba, Udhampur and Srinagar


    In order to revive the handloom activity and to engage the local weavers to rebuilt the fresh stock inventory in view of the present market trend, an amount of Rs.200.00 lacs has been proposed for the F.Y 2023-24 for purchase of yarn/ raw wool, wages to weavers, stitching, finishing of different products. 

    The above production shall be utilized for the supplies to Govt. Institutions/Agencies and for retail sale in the shape of made ups through the Corporation showrooms/exhibitions, e-marketing and sales through reputed multinational companies with a step to make the Corporation economically viable. .

 2.  Market Intervention Buyer-Seller Meet:

The Buyer Seller Meets provide a platform to the local artisans where they learn new techniques and trends in the national as well as international market. Such products should be promoted in future too to boost the Handloom Sector in the State.

The buyer & Seller meet is aimed to fulfill gap between buyer (Exporter, trader whole seller, retailer etc) and the producer. Because of lack of information on product range, consumer interest, market demand, design, style to quality of product, marketing knowledge and market trend, business promotion of this sector is not getting as expected. In this regard buyer seller meeting is key point in fulfilling its objectives.

Objectives of buyer seller Meet 

  • To provide the forum for direct meet together for its artisans with genuine buyer.

  • To interact a market status & business expansion.

  • To make familiar with each other establishing food business relation.

  • To get insights of products ranges, quality concerns and to reform their business relating to market demands the trend.

  • To get an opportunity for export market.

  • To demonstrate traditional Art & Cultural Values.

During the Current year 2022-23, Corporation has participated in various exhibitions/Buyer Seller Meets with in UT and across the country at Jammu Hatt, SMVD Katra, Udhampur, Srinagar, Amritsar, Pragati Madaan Delhi and NOIDA Delhi. The Corporation in order to boost the sale in the winter season also organized Melas at Vijaypur, Rajouri, Kishtwar, Udyog Bhawan jammu, Shopian, Anantnag, Bandipora and Pulwama Srinagar with sales achievement of Rs.20.00 lacs.

Corporation proposes to hold Buyer Seller Meet/exhibitions within and outside the UT. An amount of Rs. 15.00 lacs has been earmarked the year 2023-24 for holding further such Buyer Seller Meets/exhibitions in Delhi, Jaipur, Masoori, Chandigarh, kullu-Manali and Punjab.

3.  Revival of Basohli Pashmina Shawls:

Basohli town, 190 kms South east of Jammu  is famous for its  printing & production of  Pashmina shawls . The world famous Pashmina has unrivalled status as a luxury fiber due to its extreme fineness, softness, its scarcity in relation to other fibres and its mystique.  The Basohli hand spun and handsome Pashmina shawls are famous for its softness.  The art of hand-spinning and weaving was introduced in ancient times and the Corporation started the Project in 1984 to bring the Pashmina weavers of Bani Basholi area under the purview of scheme of economic upliftment. The Corporation under the Project is providing direct/indirect employment to about 250 ladies as spinners and 70 men as weavers. 

A finer quality of Pashmina product is being produced. The sale response of these shawls during Pashmina exhibitions outside the UT besides retail sales through Corporation Showroom within and outside the UT has been fabulous. During the Current Financial Year Corporation has produced 250 numbers of Pashmina shawls/stoles in different colors and designs other than 450 Pure woolen check & Stripes stoles of fine count 2/120 in consideration of the market acceptability.

Corporation has set a production Plan of weaving fine quality of 500 numbers of ladies and gents Pashmina shawls and Stoles for the financial year 2023-24. These shawls and stoles shall be produced as per the demand of the market with latest striped and check design of different colours and combination . An amount of Rs. 15.00 lacs has been proposed in the Capex Budget. 


4. Revival of Kani Shawls Project Kanihama:

The valley of Kashmir is known throughout the world as much for its beauty and for its arts and crafts, Kani shawl too  has a unique place. J&K State Handloom Development Corporation was instrumental in reviving the weaving of Kani shawl with the establishment of Kani shawl Project of Kanihama in the year 1978-79 with CFC’s at various to provide pre-weaving and post-weaving facilities to the weavers in these areas. Corporation is giving full support to the weavers for the weaving of Kani Shawls in heritage designs having potential for export and retail market. 

Presently Corporation is undertaking this activity in the CFC at kanihama by paying rent of Rs.14,000/pm. A review has been taken to revive the production and sales by shifting the centre in the building of Directorate of Handloom & Handicraft falling under the Craft Village under tourism development programme. This building shall be put to use by purchasing six numbers of new looms and show case the products to function as production cum sales centre. An amount of Rs. 20.00 lacs has been earmarked for the year 2023-24.

5. Purchase/Repair of loom and Accessories.

Corporation has so far distributed about 5000 looms among weavers in different parts of the UT in order to improve and upliftment of their financial conditions. Corporation has also distributed 60 Nos. of modernized handlooms free of cost to different weavers.   In order to keep the looms in perfect trim new parts are required off and on and in order to change the design of cloth, new parts are also required to be installed in the looms. An amount of Rs.10.00 lacs has been earmarked for the financial year 2023-24.    

During the current year, Corporation has repaired the boiler of EOHDP Samba through GeM to make it functional and spent an amount of Rs.7.00 lacs other than wear & tear expenditure on the looms/machinery.


6. Office Automation.

Corporation intends to up-grade and purchase/maintenance of new computers/Websites and purchase of various software’s for computerization of record for which Rs.10.00 lacs has been earmarked in the current year which has not so far received.

Due to lack of skilled and professional staff, Corporation has approached National Information Centre Incorporated Delhi (NICI) for hiring services of two numbers of professionals who may handle the e- platform besides Gem portal of the corporation. An amount of Rs.15.00 lacs has been proposed for the F.Y 2023-24.

The Scheme wise CAPEX outlay is given below:-

Rs. In lacs


S. No


Revised Capex-2022-23

Funds Received 2022-23

Capex-outlay for 2023-24


Raw Material





Market Intervention Buyer-Seller Meet





Revival of  Basohli/ Pashmina Shawls:





Revival of Kani Shawls Project Kanihama:





Purchase/Repair of loom and Accessories.





Office Automation.