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JKHDC has two manufacturing units one at Solina Ram Bagh Srinagar and another at Samba where production activities are being carried out under one roof. However, major portion of the production activities are being carried out in de-centralized sector of the state. The main following items are being manufactured in these plants.

  Tweed Fabric

  Rafal Fabric


  Cotton Fabric

 Project: Development of Wool and Woolen Design & Development Centre (WWDDC) Solina Ram Bagh Srinagar.

The Project WWDDP established in 1981 under GOI scheme which upgraded further under Raw Wool Processing, Woolen Spinning, Fabric Processing. Presently centre is working on handlooms and Tweed and woolen fabric of different type and design are main products. An estimated 2.10 Lakh mts of woolen fabric is assessed in the annual production plan as per Annexure “A” and shall also feed raw materials to other centresi.e UNDP Pulwama in Kashmir Division dealing with these items.

  Project: Kani Shawl project Kanihama, Budgam.

Presently the project is carried out in decentralized sector by providing pashmina as raw material to waivers and then marketing the product i.eKani Shawls by paying the wages to waivers. These shawls are high end products marked in exhibitions/Expo. It is proposed to produce 150 shawls in a year and then marketing them in Handloom Exhibitions/Expos outside the state.

  Project: Royal Pashmina Project Srinagar

Similar to Kani shawls, Royal pashmina project Srinagar is high end project and shall be marked in Exhibition/Expo outside the state. The assistance in this head required to produce 1100 No shawls of different design and pattern.

  Project: Export Oriented Handloom Development Project, Samba

EOHDP Samba installed in 1981 to give boost the cotton products for which Samba is famous for its handloom products since long. To maximize the production an assistance is necessitated as per annexure “A” which shall also feed Raw Material assistance to IHDP Udhampur,Doda/Bhadarwah.

  Project: Intensive Handloom Development Project Udhampur

It was established in 1982-83 to cover the backward area of Udhampur and Doda districts. Under the project three production center known as common facility center at Chenani, Panjar and Butla (Bhadarwah) were started. Four Showrooms are working under the Project such as Poshish showroom Katra, Poshish showroom Chinar complex Udhampur,Poshish showroom Kishtwar and Poshish showroom Badarwah. The Project is involved in the production of blue shade woolen blankets and medico textiles items like crewldusooti and crandy cloth.

  Project: Pashmina Weaving Project Basholi/Kathua.

Pashmina Basholi shawls are also world famous for its unique designs and innovative style. Presently the project is carried out in decentralized sector by providing pashmina as raw material to waivers and then marketing the product i.e Shawls by paying the wages to waivers. These shawls are high end products marked in exhibitions/Expo. It is proposed to produce 925 shawls/stoles in a year and then marketing them in Handloom Exhibitions/Expos outside the state

  Corporation has implemented the following different schemes successfully with the help of State Plan..
  S.No.   Name of Project   Activity
  1   IHDP Bandipora   Manufacturing of woollen Shawls, Dussa, Stole etc.
  2   Kani Shawl project Kanihama, Budgam   Weaving of famous Kani Shawls.
  3   Royal Pashmina ProjectSrinagar   Weaving of Royal Pashmina Shawls & embroidery there on to recreate the Royal Pashmina designs
  4   IHDP Inder/Pulwama   Weaving of Blankets and Tweed etc.
  5   EOHDP Samba   Weaving of Linen cloth, fine cotton cloth with dying/finishing & printing facility. Textile testing laboratory for the testing of textile items.
  6   IHDP Udhampur   Weaving of Dasooti Cloth & Woollen Cloth
  7   Doda/Bhaderwah   Weaving of Woollen Blankets.
  8.   Pashmina Weaving Project Basholi.   Weaving/Finishing of 100% Pure Pashmina Hand spun/Hand-woven Shawls

Apart from above JKHDC is also looking after the affairs of Himalayan Wool Combers Ltd which has been closed down by Govt. vide cabinet decision No 129/12 dt 18-08-2000 and was ordered to be wounded up by Hon’ble High Court of J&K with effect from 26-12-2003.

Present Projects

  Integrated project for the development of wool and woolen design development Centre (WWDDC) Phase -II.

The Project WWDDC phase II is to set up spinning facility at SolinaRambagh Srinagar funded by (100 %) Ministry of Textile Govt. of India amounting to Rs 901.00 Lakh shall be implemented by J&K State Handloom Development Corporation. The project is in active consideration of Ministry of Textile Govt. of India and likely to be sanctioned shortly and subsequently implemented/executed. This project shall be a land mark for woolen industry in Kashmir as the scouring of wool, spinning, weaving and finishing i.e chain of activities from virgin to finished products shall be carried out locally at different centers of Srinagar. Wool which is abundantly locally available in the state shall get a great boost by value additionally locally, encourage masses to startup their enterprises, open new avenues for employment and subsequently improving the socio economic condition of common masses.

  Setting up of Kani Shawl Project cum Showroom at Kanihama, Budgam.

The Project of Kani Shawl with showroom amounting to Rs 325.00 lakh is also in active consideration and likely to be sanctioned shortly by Ministry of Textile under Handloom Sector. The Corporation has hired an area of 2000 sft first floor of a building on the National High way Srinagar Gulmarg Road. With the release of funds from Government Of India, the project shall be implemented with all its features i.e Workshop in centralized sector, showroom, food court/stalls etc. The Corporation is expecting a game changer by this project and expecting good sale from the Centre being on way to world famous tourist place i.eGulmarg. This centre shall be carved as a museum of Kani shawl attracting a multitude of tourists.


The re-construction project “Tameer” has been sanctioned in the favour of JKHDC with the following features:

  S.No.   Items/Station   Solina   Samba
  1   Civil Works   206.51   65.48
  2   Machinery   239.70   42.22
  3   CAD   3.68  
  4   Additional Civil Works     214.00
    Total   449.89   321.70
  Grand Total   Rs 771.59 Lacs.

This infrastructural up-gradation has transformed the outlook of the Centre.

  New Project Under State Govt.


An amount of Rs.362.50 lacs has been earmarked in favour of JK HDC for the year 2017-18 for implementation of different schemes of the Corporation. The approved outlay for the year 2016-17 and approved outlay for 2017-18 is indicated component wise as under:-

(Rupees in Lakhs)

  S.No.   Component   Approved CAPEX 2016-17   Approved CAPEX 2017-18
1 Raw Material/Yarn 140.00 260.00
2 Market intervention & Buyer Seller Meet 5.50 5.50
3 Renovation/Up-gradation of show rooms 15.00 0.00
4 Recreation of Antique Pashmina Shawls 45.00 40.00
5 Revival of Silk Sarees/Dress material 5.00 10.00
6 Revival of Basohli/Ladakhi Pashmina Shawls 15.00 16.00
7 Revival of Kani Shawl Project, Kanihama 29.00 26.00
8 Purchase/Repair of Loom accessories 5.00 3.00
9 Office Automation 3.00 2.00
  Total 262.50 362.50