Corporation has implemented different schemes under State Plan successfully and with the help of State Plan, Corporation has reactivated production in almost all defunct units like Bandipore, Kannihama, Budgam,Inder(Pulwama), Samba, Chenani-Udhampur, Basholi and Kathua. Corporation has also covered new areas like Pehroo and Wagoora for weaving of Kani shawls. Corporation has engaged artisans in Ganderbal, Beeru and other parts of the Valley for embroidery of Shawls.

The Corporation is providing employment to more than 2500 weavers/artisans beside 190 regular employees.

Presently, the direct market intervention by J&K HDC goes a long way in providing stability in the wage structure of weavers besides creating meaningful marketing outlet to the end product of these weavers.

The Corporation has distributed 60 modern looms (costing Rs. 60,000/- per loom) free of cost among the weavers in the last three years.

The Corporation has improved production /manufacturing of tweed, linen, quality tweed, Pashmina shawls, Basholi shawls, linen, silk, fine cotton, cotton Raffal shawls etc.

  Achievement of the Corporation in production and sales for the last five years is as under:-

  S.NO.   YEAR   Production in lacsmtrs./shawls(Nos.)   Sales in lacs(Rs.)
  1.  2013-14  3.25 + 1310 Nos  919.61
  2.  2014-15  3.35 + 700 Nos  1080.00
  3.  2015-16  2.75 +1800 Nos   978.00
  4.  2016-17  3.00 + 1400 Nos   1500.00
  5.  2017-18(Ending may-17)  0.80 +200 Nos  100.00

  Notable achievements during 2016-17 (quarter wise):-

  S.NO.   Activity   Unit   Target   Achievement 2016-2017   Total
  2016-17   Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4
  1   Production   In lacsmtrs+ numbers   4.40+2365   0.40+200   0.30+100   0.80+400   1.50+600   3.00 lacs+1400
  2   Sales   In Rs. lacs   1500   175   225   400   700   1500
  3   Employment to weavers/others   In nos.   2500   200   150   750   900   2000

  Highlights of the Year 2016-17:-

  Manufacturing of the fine quality tweed as per the demand of the market.

  Improvement in the stitching of made ups like gents/ladies coats and jackets.

  Introduction of latest designs of long coats for ladies and gents.

  Survey of new places for opening of showrooms in Mussorrie, Dehradun, Shimla, Manali&Dargeeling

  Identification of new weavers in cluster form in the decentralized areas of the State.

  Increase of sales turn over by way of approaching various State and Central Govt. agencies.

  Approaching various export agencies for export of woolen, cotton and linen fabric manufactured by the Corporation.

  Revival of block and screen printing in EOHDP/Samba.

  The Corporation conducted 5 Exhibitions out of which 3 outside the state including Royale Pashmina exhibition at New Delhi.

  Working Results:-

The detail of working results of the Corp. for the year 2016-17 as per Provisional Balance Sheet is as under:-

 S.No  Particulars  Year 2016-17
 A.  Income  (Rs. In lacs)
 1 Sales 1500.00
 2 Commission earned 15.00
 3 Marketing incentives 25.00
 4 Reimbursement of Exhibitions 8.00
 5 CAPEX grant 262.50
 6 Other receipt 7.00
 7 Total 1817.50
 B.  Expanses  (Rs. In lacs)
 1 Material consumed 1200.00
 2 Expenses 1034.19
 3 Depreciation 1.00
 4 Interest on Govt. loan 796.85
 5 Total 3032.04
 6 Loss for the year (B-A) 1214.54
 7 Loss before interest 417.69
 8 Less Budgetary support 230.00
 9 Deficit 187.69