Future Plans

New Initiatives
Opening of new showrooms at Bhaderwah, Kishtwar, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.
Awareness/advertisement through electronic print/social media.
Creation of e-commerce website and collaboration with e-market giants like Amazon, Filpkart etc. to boost the sales turnover.
Collaboration with Raymonds and Reid & Taylors.
Expansion of Showrooms:-
New showroom opened at Jammu Haat
Handloom Mala’s: Vijaypur Jammu is going on and at other places like Rajouri,Kishtwar shall be taken up in coming months. 

  • The revenue generated by the Corporation shall be directly deposited in the govt. exchequer and the govt. may in turn allot the Budget to bear the salary bill & other overheads of the Corporation being a social organization.

  • Restoration of mandate for supplying all type of handloom & textile items (including non woven fabric incorporated in the health Sector) to the Govt. departments/PSUs/Board & Autonomous bodies by issuing fresh instructions by the Finance Department to make the procurement from J&K Handloom Development Corporation only. This facility will help a lot to boost the handloom sector and will also enable the Corporation to generate revenue.

  • Allotment/providing space/shops for retail sale at tehsil/district level where at present Corporation does not have own infrastructure.

  • Close down of unviable Sales & production centers of JKHDC and accordingly deployment of 20 employees out of 104 employees of the Corporation in Directorate of Handloom & Handicraft at Jammu & in Kashmir respectively as approved in the 4th joint meeting of JKHC & JKHDC. The exercise for sparing the manpower has been made after thorough examination of their job profile and in consideration of Corporation requirement. This will reduce the monthly Salary Bill of Corporation from Rs.70 lacs to Rs. 50.00 lacs. The detail of unviable Production & Sales Centre along with list of idle staff is enclosed.

  • Clearance of pending salary amounting to Rs.10.90Crs. & Rs.0.50 Crs. of regular/retirees and the need based staff respectively. The services of these need based are being utilized in Accounts, Production & Marketing as per the requirement of Corporation. This financial assistance will ease out the position of employees and help a lot to boost their morale.

  • Release of Statutory liability amounting to Rs.12.59 crs on account of Gratuity/leave salary of retirees other than arrears of 6th pay/7th pay amounting to Rs.64.22 Crs which will avoid the tremendous pressure of litigations and to run the Corporation smoothly.

  • Since JKHDC and JKI have similar nature of job and are dealing with the manufacturing of handloom made and textile items, the joint efforts by way of their amalgamation can lead the production in a better way with the marketing support of JK Handicraft Corporation in respect of Retail sale and also by the Govt. in respect of Institutional supplies to Govt. departments.