Aid, counsel, assist, & promote the handloom industry in the state.

  Provide the weavers with resources, technical & managerial assistance to enable them to develop & improve their methods of manufacture, management, production techniques & marketing of their products.

  Undertake procurement & distribution of various raw materials, for supply to bonafide users in the handloom industry.

  Aid, help, assist, wages and establish production/design dev. Centres, processing houses, manufacturing of handloom /textile items, raw material required by handloom industry. Providing assistance inprinting, dyeing, finishing etc. of handloom fabrics in the state & testing.

  Set up production common facility centres, workshops & service centres for providing pre & post weaving localized coverage to the handloom industry.

  To establish & maintain the showrooms, retail outlets and trade centres to serve as clearing houses for giving marketing cover to individual weavers, societies & Handloom/S.S.I. Textile Units.

  To organize and participate in exhibitions & trade fairs to display & exhibit the handloom/Textile products for dissemination of information regarding handloom industry.